Neurotherapy is a non-evasive therapeutic technique which works on the neuro-connections within our brain, our central nervous system including our 12 cranial nerves and our body’s receptor system.

Our brain controls everything we do and everything we are. Our personality is controlled by our brain, so too is our flight/fight response, our behaviour, our likes and dislikes. Our brain controls our movement patterns – how we walk and move and much more. Our body’s receptors (sight, sound, touch, etc) are constantly sending signals from our environment through our central nervous system to our brain. This is our body’s way of protecting itself and knowing how to respond to our situations.

As we grow and develop we are exposed to many different and often stressful events. We can fall and bump our head, we can have an accident that scared us, we could have been involved in an unsafe environment and felt stressed. In all of these situations our responses are feeding back to our brain to protect us. We might have cried, ran away or had a reaction to which our brain remembers. Sometimes it doesn’t serve us to have our brain remember these events. And we can become over sensitive to sounds, more emotional in other situations etc. Our brain remembers and it causes unhelpful behaviours and blockages in our lifestyle.

Neurotherapy is able to assess these automatic and often hidden and unhelpful responses and correct our brains neuropathways to restore them back to normal.

Neurotherapy can assist with:

• Concussion• Compressed Discs
• Whip Lash• Swelling/Inflammation
• Light, sound and smell sensitivities• Anxiety
• Pain• Depression
• Lower back pain• Cognitive function
• Injuries (sports, overuse and soft tissue)• Brian Fog, attention and focus
• Frozen Shoulder• Gut health
• Tennis/Golf Elbow• Adrenal fatigue
• Stroke• Gait – how you walk
• Posture• Hip Alignment
• Trauma – emotional and physical• Headaches/Migraines
• Skin rashes/ skin clarity• Sleep

Proprioceptive - Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR®)