Sports Massage Therapy is a specific type of massage that treats and prevents different sports injuries. It encompasses different forms of massage and muscle manipulation to help treat sports injuries and muscle strains.

Myofascial Cupping is a soft tissue therapy that involves the application of decompressed cups on the skin, creating a vacuum effect that lifts up underlying tissues such as the fascia (connective tissue) and muscles, blood and other fluid, close to the surface of the skin.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation – RockBlades is an advanced manual therapy treatment technique which can be used for relieving different areas of pain throughout the body affected by chronic pain or sports injuries

RockTape is a kinesiology tape that when applied over a stretched muscle, it lifts the skin, accelerating blood flow to increase the amount of oxygen available to the muscles, which reduces fatigue. RockTape also promotes lymph drainage to remove toxins produced by the body during hard efforts

Vivobarefoot offer a range of barefoot shoes for men, women and kids. Ultra-thin puncture resistance soles that let your feet do the natural thing.

Movement therapy is a personalised service to help you move well and safely.