Founder and Director, Cedric Seah’s passion is to help those who can’t be helped. 

With a Bachelor in Science and over a decade in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer and massage therapist, including 8 years working with the Port Adelaide Power football club, Cedric was disheartened with the lack of improvement in athletes and client’s health. His passion leads him internationally to be trained by some of the most reputable doctors, physicians, and health specialists in the world. With a further 6 years of education and training he is now the worlds most advanced therapist in the health industry. He is able to help the un-helpable.

Cedric has worked with many clients who have attended numerous health practitioners, engaged in many different treatment techniques and consumed many different medications or supplements to no avail. By looking beyond, the physical, Cedric has been able to bring healing to many lives. 

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